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57, RE: Help! I need a name to move forward!
Posted by Nancy, Sun Sep-17-06 01:50 PM
Hi, Robin!

"Charmed Life" is the first name that popped into my head. Your suggested tag of "A Modern-Day Finishing School" is great. It's short and descriptive, which is perfect.

You could use the same name as long as you have one business. So, consider incorporating the finishing school aspect into your service geared toward adults and let that be the focus of your business.

I think you would really have a market for this with adults, too. Business entertaining alone requires some level of a "finishing school" education. That's true whether one is an employee, employer, entrepreneur, or client.

Then, the career counseling could be your value-added service.

For the younger group, you could market the money management as a value-added service.

Good luck!

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