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Topic subjectHelp! I need a name to move forward!
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52, Help! I need a name to move forward!
Posted by Robin G, Wed Sep-13-06 03:43 AM
Greetings cyber friends!

I am brand new to this site, but what a blessing. You are really talented people out there. Thank you for freely sharing your knowledge.

I am starting two business that intertwine. The first is a modern-day finishing school for tweens, teens and college-age people. I help individuals with business and social manners, money management (the importance of debt-free living), dressing for their figure and occasion, intros...The second business is a consulting business for career changers, those in crisis, or those just wanting to do what God created them to do...helping to find their purpose.

I have business plans, but no names. Two questions: 1) do I name them separately? Or, do I use the same name, with two different marketing approaches?

Finally, here are some names I've come up with. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Class Action
Best Foot Forward
Personal Best.

Two possible tags:
A Modern-Day Finishing School
Passion. Purpose. Power.

Thanks again.