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Topic subjectNeed creative name for female business in male driven business
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413, Need creative name for female business in male driven business
Posted by sbrownocp, Mon Jun-18-07 10:46 AM
My husband and I are venturing out into another business. We have decided to make it a "female" driven business ... though it is in a male driven industry. Here's the take:

It is a pallet recycling business. We want to brand the business as a uniquely female owned business. A unique and feminine name is crucial. We are tossing around ideas of painting the edges of the pallets in pink or purple or some distinctive color. We want to remain professional, but we want to make a mark in the local industry and raise some eyebrows through our unique branding and the fact that it is female driven.

So far, the only thing we could come up with was "Powder Puff Pallets." I'm not convinced that's the best name. A local woman created a dumpster bin company called "She Can". All of her dumpsters are pink and they are all over town. That's the tone we are going for.

Any creative help with a name AND even a tag line would be so greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!