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Topic subjectI need a word wizard for this one
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411, I need a word wizard for this one
Posted by aliasjanedoe, Sun Jun-17-07 08:53 AM
I am looking for an all purpose word to describe/name a business and/or a building. I just bought a 3400 sq ft commercial building on main street in a small downtown. The building can be split into 3 easily (front, back & basement). I was just going to rent it out for cash flow, but I kind of like the thought of starting my own business there. I am thinking office work, like life & business consultant, but also a juice bar. In addition, I would like to hold seminars there, and play games, like treasure hunt, murder mystery, cooking competitions, cards, etc. My interests and knowledge are vast. Like I said, I need an all purpose company or building name. Can you help????