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296, RE: PLEASE help naming womens online fashions
Posted by Robbyn8, Thu Mar-15-07 03:37 AM

I just want to say I appreciate all the wonderful ideas you guys have given me to ponder on. Didn't think the name process would be this difficult but it is/was. Thank God for people like yourselves and others on this site who take the time to help others.
p.s. I ended up using "Foxxy Diva Fashions" as my new business name.

>:) I thought of: "Foxay" - sort of like saying Foxy,
>but with a little extra attitude.
>Or...Flashy Fox
>Or...(taking a little liberty with Nancy's cool idea) -
>Foxanista - combining Fox and Fashionista in one!
>Or...Foxy Found (as in your clothes help women 'find' their
>Hope this helps!
>Take care,
>The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning