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235, Event Planning Services
Posted by hgreenwood, Sat Jan-27-07 10:59 AM
I am starting an Event planning service business. I will receive my Certified Event Professional and Certified Wedding Professional prior to day 1 of operation. I want a name that does not limit what type of clients i get, as I plan on servicing corporate, non-profit organizations, as well as private individual (wedding/birthday/showers) clients. I don't want a name that would make a corporate client look over my company, and I don't want a corporate name that would keep a bride from calling me...

I have thought about having my incorporated name be HM Productions, Inc. and then possibly making subset names... (i.e. for wedding planning - Contemporary Princess or somthing like that)...

I would like to incorporate my style into the name....
I have very classic tastes, but also adore the crisp clean contemporary lines.... Any help will be greatly appreciated.
241, RE: Event Planning Services
Posted by ElleBlue, Sun Jan-28-07 03:01 PM
Great Expectations

Party Central

Merry Makers

Glorious Galla
245, RE: Event Planning Services
Posted by John C, Tue Jan-30-07 04:05 PM
Table Talk
Places Everyone!
Spice of Life
Guest Impressions

Don't use initials in your name. They are meaningless and nobody will remember them. Was it HM or MH Productions? Forget it, we'll go with someone else.