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227, Brownie baskets ???
Posted by journey4, Thu Jan-25-07 03:31 AM
I am not only looking for a good name idea,
but also some advice as to whether this biz idea is a good one.

Am I making this too specific if I bake only brownies or would it make my business that much more unique?
I am thinking that I would take these to places like car dealerships and real estate offices; it would be a great gift to send to people who just bought a home or a car, and it would be great advertising for them (and me!).

What do you think?
Any name ideas, advice?

Thanks so much!

229, RE: Brownie baskets ???
Posted by Nancy, Thu Jan-25-07 11:57 AM
>Am I making this too specific if I bake only brownies or would
>it make my business that much more unique?>

Brownies are a great choice. They're almost universally loved (I mean, does anyone *not* love brownies?) and, if yours are to die for and I'm sure they are, you could become known as The Brownie Lady. That's a great way to reap the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing which is the best kind, and it's free!

In fact, for a name, what about something simple and descriptive like The Brownie Lady?

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232, RE: Brownie baskets ???
Posted by ElleBlue, Fri Jan-26-07 03:25 PM
I have a few ideas

Brownie Points Gift Baskets
Mrs. (insert your last name here) Brownie Baskets
Mom's Brownies
Decadent Brownies (so delicious they are sinful)
Delicious Delicacies?
Confectionatley Yours Brownie Baskets
Brownie in a Basket
261, RE: Brownie baskets ???
Posted by happyslob, Mon Feb-12-07 11:18 AM
Hi there,

:) I also love this idea! A name struck me while I was reading your entry:

Basket full 'O' Brownies

Just sounded so cute! lol Anyway, you could do all sorts of variations, and as was already mentioned -- who in their right mind DOESN'T love brownies? You could also develop a few specialty brownies, such as gluten free for people like me who can't eat white flour. :)

Take care,

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269, RE: Brownie baskets ???
Posted by lisasgourmet, Mon Feb-19-07 06:03 AM
Niche businesses like yours are very popular and doable. Just get your ducks in a row before you really begin.

What are your state's requirements for food-based businesses? Can you cook from home or do you need a commercial kitchen? What licensing does your state/county/city require? Have you contacted an insurance agent?

Proper sampling and marketing could make you very big!

What about your product makes it better than going to local bakery or making them at home ourselves? Or just going to grocery store & buying a batch?

I started out much the same way you did, andlet me tell you, the beginning is tough! But well worth the effort!

It is definitely a good idea to hit local office buildings, dealerships, banks, etc.!

Good luck!!

Lisa :D