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1622, Name suggestions welcome
Posted by Advocator, Tue Apr-02-13 01:11 PM
I am stating a home-based business which needs a name. "The Advocator" is what I have been thinking about, but it may sound too "arnold" for some.

The business is 3 fold, and is based in the healthcare industry:

(1) patient advocacy and mediation services (ie fight ins companies, negociate with providers to reduce bills etc)
(2) account management (ie helping pts reconcile statements and insurance EOBs, handle medical bill payments, audit bills etc) and
(3) assistance information (ie providing pts with customized list of available financial assistance for specific oncology drugs or treatments , and filing applications for them)

I have been doing this for over 20 years, and need to keep the last shred of sanity I have by quitting the highly stressful job I have as a billing manager for an oncology practice, and start doing what makes my heart sing (helping patients) and that I can do with my eyes closed.

Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you