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153, Need name for a newer restaurant concept - foodies unite!
Posted by Gertee3, Sun Nov-19-06 03:32 AM
Hi Everyone -

Thank you for checking out my post. I need your help brainstorming for a new restaurant concept that we are planning to open in the near future.

We are opening a high end dessert patissere. What this means is that we will be open during the hours of 7AM - 5PM early week, and later part of the week we will be open 7AM - Midnight. Our goal is to have a regular crowd in the morning who will stop by and pick up a pastry and coffee/espresso/etc, offer a few light offerings for lunch, gelato, hope to have the mid afternoon "I need caffine" bunch, and then focus on our high end dessert menu, in the evenings, along with local beers on tap, ports, and wines. We will offer dessert/wine pairings and other unique ideas. We will cater, offer gift baskets, coporate logo chocolates and so much more. The decor is very modern/contemporary/clean/sleek look. It will be light enough during the day but intimate for the evening hours.

With this being said we need a really great name. I am looking for a name that sums up everything we do. I want it to be sassy, sexy, maybe a little risque. But the name needs to be obvious enough so people know what we do. We will focus on buying local as much as possible, organic ingredients/offerings, and fair trade coffee. We will be located downtown, near our capitol (across the street)

Names already been there/done that:

Room 4 Dessert
Dessert First
Sin Dessert Lounge
All Tarted Up
Just Desserts
Dessert Island

Anything with Sweet in the title I do not like, I'm looking for something more original.

Does anyone know french? Desservir Premier - Dessert First, however people will most likely not know that that means. Indulge? I've heard that before but I'm not sure if anyone has used it. I'm coming up blank. Please help me!

154, RE: Need name for a newer restaurant concept - foodies unite!
Posted by lauren2566, Mon Nov-20-06 05:13 AM
I like your simple names...Brulee is cool. Why not take that idea and fool around? "Soufflee Cafe" or Linzer Lounge" or "Brulee Cafe"...or just "Marzipan" or "Fondant" or "Patisserie" or "Gingersnap and Java" ...just mental barfing here...
good luck,
294, RE: Need name for a newer restaurant concept - foodies unite!
Posted by happyslob, Wed Mar-14-07 08:53 AM
Hey Gertee,

:) So cool! Love love LOVE the concept a whole lot. I'm going to keep working on this one, but here's a few to start with:

- OrganiCo (this just stuck in my head for some reason)
- The Sweetest Encore
- Sultry Nibbles
- Cream & Cocoa
- Exquisite Encore
- Delica Desserts
- Chocolate Dipped
- Chocolatte Cafe - Like this one! Or just ChocoLatte - combines both the chocolate and coffee interests in one.
- AfterBites

Hope this helps, and if not, got your creative juices churning a little bit more! If you do happen to choose one of those names, please thank me by buying my book:
The Happy Slob's Guide to Housecleaning

Or, if you'd like me to work on this on a more serious basis, email me at and I'll work on something for you. :)

Take care,
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Posted by jrrchr, Fri Mar-16-07 04:22 PM
The D-spot
306, RE: Need name for a newer restaurant concept - foodies unite!
Posted by lisasgourmet, Fri Mar-23-07 02:23 AM

Congrats! Where are you located? I am doing something similar to your shop, but with a twist (see website) here in central Illinois.

Is there one product that you would be serving that you could work into the name of your cafe? There's something to be said for making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Are there any other type of places like this in your area?

Good Luck!

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