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Topic subjectI have a name but I am thinking of changing it.
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1528, I have a name but I am thinking of changing it.
Posted by RubyNightingale, Sat Jul-23-11 06:55 AM

I have had a business called Arachnea Spindle on Etsy online for several years but I never sold anything there and my best business came from posting photos of my work in blogs as I created them.

I plan to open a shop soon here in Duluth Minnesota but I want to change the name because my work isn't just about spinning and weaving. In the shop I will be teaching spinning and weaving but I will also be selling crafts, art supplies, books, and tools. I plan to have a themed area in the shop for fairytales and my fairy dolls and art. I also plan to have an area themed for my Angel dolls and drawings. The shop will have 4 sections. There will be two themed: One section for selling floor looms and spinning wheels, and another section for selling other miscellaneous crafts.
I am looking for a name for this shop that blends in with the themes and the creativity.