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Posted by AutoMedia, Sun Jun-12-11 01:06 AM
Well,I couldn't brainstorm "Denver" into the equation,but since you will be selling bikes and speed parts, how does "Daddy Jack's Speed Shack" float your boat? Grab a '70 - '74 F-100 (primered) for a parts truck and have your name across the doors. If you know a comic artists he can put a semi-balding (not saying you are) sort of angry caricature above the name, arms crossed, with a big cigar.

Definitely catchy and the caricature would really draw a crowd for t-shirts and other "Daddy Jack's" shirts and other items: think about the clothing sales for So-Cal Speed Shop,Moon Products, ormy favorite,Mr. Horsepower (of which I own 5 different shirts, a clock, and multiple keychains.)

A catchy name and logo will go a long way towards helping the bottom line. Just send me a free t-shirt if it catches on. *L*

>I am in the beginning stages of opening my own motorcycle
>accessory store. I live in a city of approx 100k, my name is
>well known by many of the motorcycle riders in the area. I
>have been in this business for many years and have a large
>customer base. I would like to use my name "Denver"
>somewhere in the name but it is not absolutely necessary. I
>would like something catchy, but not corny.
>I have thought about it till nothing appeals to me any longer.
>any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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