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1489, Restaurant/Cafe name ???
Posted by livluvlife, Fri Apr-15-11 07:42 AM
Need help coming up with a catchy restaurant name!
I'm opening a restaurant in mid-town Toronto that will be serving "comfort" fusion food. The look is clean and stylish but not too trendy. It will be a family restaurant and ideally, you would feel comfortable whether you're wearing jeans or a suit. The emphasis is on the food; with alcohol being served but not being a focal point.
Breakfast will be offered (weekends only), along with a separate lunch and dinner menu (daily). There are lots of affluent young families that live in the neighbourhood but they are very market savvy and will not "throw" their money away.
The name should reflect comfort food and casual ambience.
Thank you all, any help would be greatly appreciated.:9 :9
1501, RE: Restaurant/Cafe name ???
Posted by VAtrepreneur757, Thu May-05-11 12:40 AM
How about T-Dot Grill or Toronto House? Good luck!!