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Topic subjectHawaiian Style Hot Dogs..... NAMES???
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1447, Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs..... NAMES???
Posted by dfalk, Fri Sep-17-10 08:51 AM
Hello everyone!

My brother and I are about to venture into another business and we need some help with names.

The business is hot dogs, but these aren't your everyday hot dogs.

My brother is a pretty talented chef and we've created a pretty fun and delicious menu.

A Hawaiian sweet bread loaf which is in the form of a hoggie is impaled on a hot spike which not only creates a hole for the hot dog but also warms and toasts the inside of the bread.

Then we've made tropical relishes, such as mango relish, coconut relish, banana relish, and a few others that we put down the hole of the bun. And after adding a little mango mustard or lilkoi mustard, we slide a polish sausage into the whole and voila!, you've got yourself a pretty incredible treat.

We're not on a tropical island, but on the coast of Southern California selling these from our custom made hot dog carts near the boardwalk.

We're looking for a fun name, that has something to do with things you would find on an island or in paradise.


Weenie Hut (but, we don't like the word weenie)
Hula Dog
Chef's, Hawaiian style hot dogs

I hope you have some ideas you don't mind throwing our way.

Thanks so much in advance!