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1438, Biz Name
Posted by faiva, Wed Aug-11-10 08:25 AM
We are starting a clothing business and need ideas for business names please. We have thought about N and D since these are our first name initials but the domain name is not available. We are also thinking of names that are easy and recognizable in stores like Neiman Marcus, Macys etc... Though my first name is Nike but I can't use it cos of the Nike company.

Thanks for your assistance
1440, RE: Biz Name
Posted by PartyOn, Tue Aug-31-10 02:46 AM

Your future is not what you make it, your future is what makes you what you are today.

Actually you can use your first name in your business name if you wanted to. As long as you don't use their trademarked logo's you'll be fine. A little more info is needed in order to help you with a biz name though. Are you disigining the clothes and need a name for the line or a name for the store? As far as a name for a store you need to have something that has broad appeal. Keep it simple. Names like:

Laced and
So Suave come to mind.
1450, RE: Biz Name
Posted by spiceoflife1, Thu Sep-30-10 11:16 AM
I kind of like Nike Faiva's. It has a nice flow, sounds upscale or at least friendly (like "hey, do me a favor)... :)

or even just Faiva or Faiva's. Not sure of the significance of it, but it's easy to say and pronounce, sounds good. Your brand should be a part of you - your own personal identity, whether you use your own name or a highly recognized online identity... You start with friends, and it branches out, so who are they going to look for? How will they look you up first? Your name, mostly...

Just my 2 cents... Good luck!

Connie and David Spicer, Artists/Entrepreneurs