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1318, Need a name for a Teen Dance Club
Posted by northwinds, Sun Jan-03-10 09:58 AM
Hi all, I am new to the forum and have been perusing all the posts and have been impressed with the responses that have been given.

My wife and I are planning on opening a Teen Dance Club in our town and need a good, catchy name.
We are going to have a small arcade (approx 20 games and 4 pool tables) and then have a large dance floor with a DJ and live bands on the weekends.
we live in a town where there is NOTHING for teens to do, and as far as I can find, there is not another teen club anywhere near us. The problem we are having is that we live in UTAH, so we have to have a name that is "mormon-worthy" meaning one that can not be taken to mean something derogatory, and my wife does not like the word "club" attached to the name. And from asking around and talking with the kids we have come to the conclusion that they are of the mindset that they want to be grown up, and know that they are not, and they do not like to be reminded that they are still kids, so I would prefer to not have anything to do with "Teen" or "Kids" in the name either. We are going to be focussing on the 13 to 17yr old group of kids, so they are at a difficult age to impress.

Any help would be appreciated.
1320, RE: Need a name for a Teen Dance Club
Posted by jimkclifton, Tue Jan-05-10 12:42 PM
This is so awesome that you are going to create a safe place for this age group to go. I used to teach Junior High age kids, so I can really appreciate this!

I would find a few teachers or even a school that would allow the students to take a quick survey. You could ask them questions about what you are trying to create to get their feedback. And maybe you could have a contest for naming the place!

Make sure to get web exposure as all kids are on-line these days. One resource is It is a place to purchase domain names and run a simple side business as well. This could turn out to make a nice residual income as your other business grows.

Good luck!

Jim Clifton
1322, RE: Need a name for a Teen Dance Club
Posted by salted, Mon Jan-11-10 09:46 AM
The other ideas that have been presented are great ones.

I don't know you have kids that are in that age or know of some that might be on facebook, but you could try the contest idea on there too possibly. You'd be surprised at how many people respond to a contest like that.

Hope that helps! And if you want a simple website for it when you get the name, we would love to help with that!
1327, RE: Need a name for a Teen Dance Club
Posted by hostingdiva, Fri Jan-15-10 03:52 AM
I like the contest idea because it will get the kids involved right away.

You could call the contest: Future Home of ? Naming Contest. You can give away a year or six months of admission to the club or something similar if you're not charging admission.

In case you don't want to go that route, here are some ideas:

Sunny Side Dancing
Spinning Your Wheels
Two Millennia Dancing and Arcade
The Safety (a reference to safe place...)
Darcade (mix of Dancing and Arcade)
Arcancing (mix of Arcade and Dancing)

You could also use some landmark in the area as the basis of your name such Top of the Hill.