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130, I need your feedback, please
Posted by CacNJ, Thu Oct-12-06 02:07 AM
A friend and I are looking to open up a card/paper goods store. The name we have picked out is ...And the Cherry on Top. Is this engaging? Is it memorable? Too cliche? I would appreciate your honest feedback. Thanks!
131, RE: I need your feedback, please
Posted by Pepperfire, Thu Oct-12-06 03:46 AM
I think it's a cute name, but it brings to mind the idea that you offer basically everything, "And the Cherry on Top"... If that's what you mean... it works... but it might be annoying as a web address.

Good luck with your store.


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132, RE: I need your feedback, please
Posted by Adlavrinel, Fri Oct-27-06 12:27 PM
I think of ice cream with this sort of name. It's cute but it doesn't really say what you do. Go back to the board and think of names that convey what you do to the public. Good luck.
133, RE: I need your feedback, please
Posted by 1of3, Tue Oct-31-06 09:42 AM
I think it is cute. I must confess my mind went strait to ice cream after reading the store neame.


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165, RE: I need your feedback, please
Posted by Nancy, Sun Nov-26-06 07:49 PM
In my opinion, you would be better off going with a name that was more descriptive of your business. Even something simple such as The Paper Place might work.

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