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1296, Business name for Virtual Assistant
Posted by ada, Tue Nov-17-09 08:29 PM

After over a decade working in an office, I will be finally starting my own virtual assistant service, providing administrative services for various start-up schools and coaching businesses. My unwaivering work ethic, experience and resourcefulness will asave my clients time and boosts their productivity. What should I name my business? I'm hoping for short, punchy and "wow" (Hope i'm not asking too much)!
1297, RE: Business name for Virtual Assistant
Posted by Bob Wells, Wed Nov-18-09 12:12 PM
Congrats on your upcoming launch.
What about Calling it Linx Virtual Services? The Linx is a very swift snd sure footed animal. If you don't like that one, try Early-Bird Virtual Administrative services. We all know that the early bird gets the worm. ;-).