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1295, Logo Design
Posted by sokoni, Wed Nov-11-09 04:19 PM

I need some help in designing a logo for my food product.  I
am looking for a simple clean design.  Some graphic designers
I have contacted are quite pricy.  Any ideas?  Thanks a

1301, RE: Logo Design
Posted by hostingdiva, Mon Nov-23-09 06:53 AM
Hi Shami:

I can recommend someone but I guess it depends on what you mean by "quite pricy." If you think $20 is too much, then you'll have a hard time finding someone :)

You can also try but again.. don't think you can get original work for free. A reasonable fee is in the neighborhood of a few hundred dollars. This isn't unreasonable consider the person is transforming your idea into something that can be used easily on mulitple platforms. Also, they'll likely be several revisions.

PM if you want a name.