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1166, Business Names
Posted by lonniesalinas, Sun Jul-12-09 08:41 AM
I currently have an established sole proprietorship in landscape maintenance. I am ready to go to the next level and would like to create a more professional image starting with the name. It is currently Lonnie's Lawn Care and Tree Service. I was thinking this is too "one man operation" for the image I wish to cultivate. I want to emphasize customer service and the ability to man a job at a moment's notice with quality professionals.

Please advise.
1169, RE: Business Names
Posted by hostingdiva, Wed Jul-15-09 01:48 AM
Do you have established clients? If so, are they going to find you with your new name?

I do think your name is too long (particularly for a domain name... and you should have a website to show off the quality of your work). Don't forget, you could also use a tag line in addition to your name (e.g., Lonnie's Lawn Services .... Customer Service, Quality, Professionalism). You could consider something like:
city name Lawn Services
Moments notice lawn services
At your door law services

Best of luck! :)

1222, RE: Business Names
Posted by textadz, Mon Aug-10-09 03:38 PM
You may consider a name which includes your initials, also incorporating your business would be a great idea since you're changing names. This would definitely help protect you against liability. If you want to set up an entity yourself check out:

Have used them for different businesses.


1174, RE: Business Names
Posted by Texas2sum, Thu Jul-16-09 04:00 AM
A few thoughts...

ArborScapes Landscape & Tree Maintainence

All Outdoors ""

(The)A Team ""

What A Team ""

(The)Green Team ""

Team Green ""

Pride Landscape Services

Customer 1 ""

On Demand Landscape & Tree Services

Hope these at least help the creative juices flow.

Best of Success to you!