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1150, Name for a drink trailer
Posted by damstutz, Thu Jun-04-09 07:37 AM
I am in need of a name for a drink trailer. It will be parked by my big trailer which is named "The Roadhouse". Part of the time, soft drinks will be sold of out it and beer will be sold out of it at fairs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
1176, RE: Name for a drink trailer
Posted by Texas2sum, Thu Jul-16-09 04:11 AM
Do you wish these to be tied together or independant of each other?


The Wash House

The Pump House

The Water Puddle

One For The Road

The Roadhouse Cooler or...

The Cooler

Drinks (On/By) The House

The Pit Stop

My personal favorite would be one of the "Cooler" names seems to fit.

Hope these get you thinking!
Best of Success!