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1131, Name my wedding planning business???
Posted by Universoul, Sun May-17-09 07:22 PM
I need a name for my wedding planning business. The problem is that the name I like are already taken and if not the domain names are taken. I really want a business name that has the same domain name available.

Such as 'Once upon a time', 'I do', 'I thee wed', 'wedded bliss', 'eventions' - that one was if I branched out into other events besides weddings.

Can someone help me come up with an original name (whose domain name is preferably still available) and is memorable....not something boring like Weddings by Jane or The Wedding Company, etc.

1134, RE: Name my wedding planning business???
Posted by Antherry, Wed May-20-09 09:33 PM
How about "Your Day by YOUR NAME"

I don't like names in businesses usually-- but with a wedding planner business you ARE the name.

You know-- while I am thinking of it-- If I were you I would try to team up with photographers and cake makers and dress shops to earn a commission from them... do planners do this already?

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