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Posted by Krenwells, Thu Dec-04-08 05:34 AM

Since I will be providing computer lessons online as a computer tutor I am still trying to come up with a good catchy name since itutor is already taken.

Let me know what you think of the following names or do you have any other suggestions since I am stuck on finding the right name that send the message about my business. I want something cool that would appeal to the young middle school to high-school crowd that I would be working with primarily and I will also tutor business professionals. And for global services I plan to partner with other tutors to offer a tutor referral I want the name to allow for future global business growth.

How about these names:
ITmobile or mobileIT

>Hi Mandy and ALL,
>I just discovered that the business name I want for my
>computer tutoring service is taken. The name itutor is
>Can anyone help me with another business name that would be
>I would appreciate any tips on a good name.
>>I like itutor or maybe tutorchat ?