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1025, RE: Need a name for a Tutoring service
Posted by Krenwells, Fri Nov-07-08 04:26 AM
Hi Mindy,

Thanks for your feedback and I kinda like itutor also. Itutor is good since I can say "I" stands for personal tutoring But I was thinking since there are so many tutoring services out there that I should try to differentiate myself by offering some uniqueness and perhaps that should reflect in the business name to draw attention.

Since I will be a computer tutor teaching students and professionals how they can use their computer software wisely to sharpen their computer skills so I have been considering a name related to what I would be doing to draw interest and awareness of how using a computer can make life easier when you know how..something like:

coolclicks where "cool" could stand for "computer opportunities online learning"

Let me know your thoughts or maybe I am thinking way to much about the right name and I should just move forward with the name "itutor".