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94, RE: Should we just bail on our ecommerce endeavor?
Posted by bizenez, Fri Dec-01-06 06:01 PM
I looked at your website and would like to offer you some advice. I have been building websites for over 5 years now and even started my own small website business. When I first started building websites I was mostly building them to sell products on them.

By the way I will admit that most of them have failed miserably. I wouldn't get any visitors and none of my products would sell. As I got more experienced in how to build websites I learned why most have failed.

And by the way I tried those so called "No html required website builder" programs. In fact, when I first started I used a website builder to build all my sites. I figured that i didn't have to know amy html because I was trying to sell stuff, not build websites for a living.

But after reading up and getting the neccesary knowledge required to build a website from scratch, create the proper layout, market it, and make sure that its easy to navigate, I learned some important lessons.

First of all, whenever you start a company that sells anything online, a website is your most important part of that business. When people visit your company or buy anything they see your site and are using it. If theirs any errors on tha page or if it loads too slowly they will leave never to return. And by the way flash on a first page is a no-no. In fact flash is a no-no anyway. Ever wonder why sites like Amazon or Overstock use simple sites with no flash?

And always have a professional design your site. Don't fall for those scam website builder programs out there or templates that you buy cheaply. This is your business so take it serious. Website design has came down alot in price the last few years, so don't scrimp on it. A designer can create the right layout, color scheme, and spot any potential problems before the website is published and your visitors see them and laugh or get mad about them.

Last but not least, don't pay for search engine optimization. Get a good designer to look over your site and help you with the content and what would be the best way to get your meta tags in order. Just make sure the designer offers this service and knows how to do it.

Of course theres always the chance that your marketing is bad or the products that you are offering is something that nobody wants. In that case sometimes you just have to chalk up your losses and just know when to throw in the towel. Yes, letting go can be hard, but losing more money when you have lost the battle can be even harder yet.

In order to keep this message from getting overly long I will end it here, but if you have any questions that you would like to ask me id be more than happy to answer them.
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