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Topic subjectShould we just bail on our ecommerce endeavor?
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91, Should we just bail on our ecommerce endeavor?
Posted by praiseandplay, Fri Dec-01-06 04:45 AM
Anyone and Everyone:

My husband and I worked VERY hard to find a niche' and built our website from scratch. It's an excellent idea with marketable products. However, we constructed a second business that was birthed from this first one.
We have not had the time to market said first business as we've been slammed with business from the second company. My question is this: should we bail on the first company despite its potential? Can we sell it? Can we dissolve it and resurrect it later? Please visit the site:
All opinions will be considered. Feedback is critical as he wants to shut it down immediately because we're not selling anything and it's costing us more to keep it up than we can afford. I think, however, that it's got potential but we just don't know how to get the business working for itself while we work OVER full-time on said second business. Confusing, yes?

Thank you for your time and input.