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Posted by ronald_f_valdez, Sun Nov-26-06 09:17 PM
I am considering to start an online based business. And I hope you guys could refer me to reliable free e-materials that I would be useful for my education regarding websites, web design, operation, programs, etc.

And I hope you could also advice me with the latest trend in e-commerce...

Thank you very much! Peace be with you...

Thankfully Yours,
Ronald F. Valdez
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Posted by phardytech, Mon Nov-27-06 02:06 AM
Hi Ronald,

Check out these free resources:


Pat Hardy
P Hardy Technologies, Inc.
Retail and Internet Consulting Solutions.
50 Charles Lindbergh Blvd. #400, Uniondale, NY 11553
1-800-896-4022 (phone) 516-342-4825 (fax)

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Posted by mybiz, Sun Dec-17-06 04:51 PM
hi there..

here u go..hope this helps.

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Posted by bizdev, Mon Dec-18-06 07:37 AM
You can also look here:
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Posted by bizenez, Mon Dec-25-06 07:07 AM
For the holidays I am offering discounts on websites. The reason why I'm doing this is because I have been busy making templates lately from scratch and it would take no time at all to modify some for your needs. Don't misunderstand, these are not cheap cookie cutter templates. I can offer a great 5 page simple website for only $199. Also I am offering a few new services to websites or any type of business that wants to be online. A new year is starting and its time to get a head start. I'm offering the service of creating banners whether they are rotating or not to businesses. They will be created for you, advertised on high traffic sites such as newsweek or businessweek and the traffic stats will be provided to you daily. I will also be providing website consulting, ecommerce consulting and website fix-up. What I mean by website fix up is that if you have a website already and you want better graphics, or javascript or PHP added I will add this to you without having to build you a new website from scratch. This not only makes your site look like a whole new site but also will save you about 80% on website costs. I can provide this service with banner advertising saving you even more money. I can provide a great package deal which includes, new or current website consulting, new website design or website fix-up, website maintainence, banner creation, banner placement on high traffic websites and traffic analysis for a great price.
These services have not yet been added to my website yet so right now is the time to get all these services real cheap. Alot of business people are very interested in these services and once they are added to my site the prices may increase due to demand.
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Andy President

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Posted by uclaboyz, Mon Jan-29-07 10:15 AM
I'm in the same boat as many other folks here... I came across this one recently and it seems promising

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Posted by karoljjackson, Mon Jun-10-13 04:30 PM
Hello there!

I'm also also a newbie and I'm glad to be here. Thanks and Good luck!