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Topic subjectAnyone have any Good web designer referrals???
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71, Anyone have any Good web designer referrals???
Posted by Boskywosky, Sun Nov-19-06 04:31 PM
Im looking for a web designer to construct an interactive, e-commerce website. If anyone has had a good experience with a designer and would recommend them, please let me know.


72, RE: Anyone have any Good web designer referrals???
Posted by bizenez, Mon Nov-20-06 02:06 PM
My company is a small website design firm. We offer great prices for our website services. We will match any competitors price but beat their quality. Check out our portfolio at
This is only a small sample of what we can do.
73, RE: Anyone have any Good web designer referrals???
Posted by thinkcomp, Mon Nov-20-06 02:24 PM
Hi Boris,

I can help you with e-commerce. I have a lot of experience with web design and credit card processing, and everything that has to go on in between.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Aaron Greenspan
President & CEO
Think Computer Corporation
74, RE: Anyone have any Good web designer referrals???
Posted by phardytech, Tue Nov-21-06 12:43 PM
Hi Boskywosky,

What type of products are you selling?

Who is your target market?

Perhaps my team and I might be able to help you.

Call me when you get a chance. 800-896-4022 or 516-390-4615 (if you're outside of North America and the US Virgin Islands.)

You can also visit our website, click on the contact link and send me an email. Whatever works best for you.


Pat Hardy
P Hardy Technologies, Inc.
Retail and Internet Consulting Solutions.
50 Charles Lindbergh Blvd. #400, Uniondale, NY 11553
1-800-896-4022 (phone) 516-342-4825 (fax)

Looking for higher profits this holiday season? Visit: for more information.
77, RE: Anyone have any Good web designer referrals???
Posted by resellers_rob, Fri Nov-24-06 07:52 AM
HI Boris;

We offer a all-encompassing ecommerce program. Our platform
includes eBay integration for one-touch auction and eBay
stores listings; newsletter program, SEO optimizing and much

We also have full design capabilities should your solution
require a more custom approach. Entry E-Commerce Solution for
up to 1500 products is $29.95/mo, and we offer a 30-day trial.

Hope this helps. Please contact me if you have more questions.
79, RE: Anyone have any Good web designer referrals???
Posted by cybersoft, Sat Nov-25-06 11:03 AM

We are a web design and development company with development centers in India. We can help with your website at very affordable cost. Please contact us at (630) 2040891

97, RE: Anyone have any Good web designer referrals???
Posted by e_business_help, Sun Dec-03-06 02:19 AM
I Like, they can design for numerous shopping carts and are very affordable.

98, Suggestions to find the right developer....
Posted by HighConversions, Tue Dec-05-06 02:25 PM
Since a lot of folks have replied to your message I wanted to share a few things with you to help you find the right developer. There are a lot of designers who can design a pretty site, and a lot of develops who can develop an e-commerce site. It becomes very overwhelming to decide who can offer you the right solution at a fair price.

To find the right developer, you need to see their past client success. Success is not only measured by search engine rankings, but in the form of revenue their clients have generated from sites. Since you are wanting to make money online, you need to make sure that your site isn't their first e-commerce site!

Shop around. Talk (via phone) to multiple development companies. Ask to talk directly to one of their e-commerce clients. Get quotes from at least a few companies which you would feel comfortable working with. The web development industry is a creative business. You want to have a good relationship with your development company because you'll need them to make any modifications to your website as well as advise you on future decisions.

Good luck,