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Topic subjectGlobal Convention and Gold Exhibition 2016
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600, Global Convention and Gold Exhibition 2016
Posted by starkkarllois, Tue Oct-11-16 05:20 AM
A couple of days ago I attended an event. In spite of its relation to business, it was unexpectedly spectacular. The organizers are Global InterGold, gold business company. I'm a beginner here, in the gold business, but even I can admit that it was fantastic.

So, the Global Convention, as I found out, is a traditional event. Here come new clients to get acquainted with business prospects. As to more experienced clients, they receive promotional materials and at least its their own words a powerful charge or motivation. Well, it's not hard to believe in that, as I can see now!

Here is some more info about the Global Convention 2016:

Oh, nearly forgot! This year there was an amazing exhibition of golden items, the innovation of this year, and they can be purchased in the Global InterGold online store. Respect from heart to the organizers. I was impressed, and I was not the only one. I'm sure everyone got what they came for ideas, business concepts, personal development etc.