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Posted by DigitalNinja, Tue Nov-08-11 04:04 PM
Hi Angela,

As an internet marketing firm I would caution using someone else for facebook and twitter. The key to making any social media succeed isnt based on your ability to post (although its part of the game). Its about your ability to engage.

Basically hiring someone at minimum wage to "post" will simply increase your content but wont be communicated using your "business speak". Think of it as a conversation ... who you are and your business culture all are a part of your overall communication or marketing message.

We offer social media support but its only after a thorough analysis of what the clients wants/needs and how they communicate that we actually start. And more important than posting anything will be having whoever you hire engage with people as they respond to your posts.

A quick benchmark to know if your successful with your social media campaigns will be how much engagement you DO get.

My personal recommendation ... use Hootsuite (its free) ... you can post once and push it to facebook, twitter, foursquare, AND linkedin so you kill 4 birds with 1 stone.

Really no one is going to better be able to represent your business than you ... and especially at minimum wage.

David GS