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516, Web project
Posted by AlexChobal, Tue Jun-14-11 09:15 AM
My name is Alex Chobal. I'm from Ukraine. I am a teacher at a local university.

I have an idea for creating a Web project, which has social and
"monetary" side. Such projects, I have not seen in the Russian segment
of the Internet. But I do not have the material means and of great
knowledge in programming for the creation of this project.

The idea is to create a website - the price of different commodities
(electronics, real estate, auto ....). But there should be able to sms
informing customers about the lowest price. Therefore, a draft should
be interesting.

Perhaps you know the partners in this area?
Or means of what is possible to solve this problem.

I sincerely hope your valuable help.

Once again sorry for the trouble.


P.S. Sorry for my english, please.