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Posted by Behold, Sun Oct-03-10 09:54 AM
I have used coupon codes through Constant Contact to drive traffic and sales to my website. Invariably, I have customers who do not use the codes correctly, even with explicit instructions, yet they want to get the discount anyway. It involves a lot of extra work on my part...voiding the order, manually re-inputting it and recharging the card.

Anyone who uses coupon codes, do you have this problem and how do you handle it?

Last Friday, I got 100 orders from a one-day special. Three people did not use the coupon correctly. I offered to redo the order, but instead of a discount of 33%, they got 20% to compensate for the time and expense of redoing their orders. Two agreed, the other is insisting I give her the 33% discount.

Thanks in advance for your help.