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Posted by spiceoflife1, Thu Sep-30-10 09:44 AM
I would think the best way to approach it is a market study, to find out what your area can afford, what the value of the service holds for your location, who you might be competing with already and what local businesses NEED from your service. As you perform the market study, you may also discover other needs so you can tweak your business idea. If you fail to do this step, why not give your money to me? I could use it...

Obviously, something in parts of Ohio where it is amazingly depressed is going to be a harder sell if offered at a higher price point versus places in Texas or Washington, for example, that are not having the same recession issues -- or places in the south. You need to have a focused plan of action in order to be comfortable going to the businesses and offering the service and knowing it is going to work.

Market study should discuss 1) what are they paying for print ads already, (or are they) 2) costs for radio, tv and other media 3) costs for online/web/social websites. Then you would need to determine who is using online services and approximately how much they are paying. Every budget is going to be different so you need to be clear about who it benefits, why it benefits them and why they need you to get them going in it. If your service is going to survive, it needs to have value, appeal, consistency and it must be visual...

My 2 cents.

Connie and David Spicer, Artists/Entrepreneurs