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Posted by niquito99, Sun May-30-10 12:13 PM
Blogging; if you know how to do it right, can be a great experience. Unfortunately the majority of people getting online to begin blogging fall into the common frustration of seeing low traffic numbers when they check their stats. Why is this the case? Ultimately it is because getting traffic to a blog is a science, like many other strategies implemented in marketing products and services. There are four ways that can help in achieving more traffic at a quicker rate. Two of the ways to produce an abundant traffic stream consists of writing and promoting your subject and/or niche in other sites, and another strategy to reeling in this traffic is a traditional business tactic in attaining a base of customers; or in regards to blogs, followers.

1.) Write Captivating Articles -

Article marketing is one of the best ways to attain traffic as it is almost always free and can allow a marketer to express their interests in any desired niche. If you submit articles to directories you are not only getting a steady stream of readers, but you are also building backlinks to your blog site. An example is, as it is has its own readership of people looking for topics that you may just be blogging about. Therefore, if you write an article and submit it to a directory a person will not only read your article but also be enticed to visit your blog.

2.) Reasons to Re-Visit-

Giving people a reason to go back is seen all throughout commercial businesses. For example, stores and restaurants will hold special sales, events, and offers to keep customers coming back for more of what they love; but this time with a lower price or ?buy one get one free? offer. This exact formula can also be replicated in your blogging techniques. The idea to keep people coming back over and over can be lucrative and the best way to do this is to create special events and offers. For example, you can give away a new prize each week to new subscribers to your list. In addition, you can also run contests for people who leave comments on your blog posts. In short, making your blog ?a place to be? will attract more people as your subscribers may even tell their friends.

3.) Doing Keyword Research-

Rather than throwing up blogs and expecting traffic it would be wiser to research the keyword data to find terms that are getting a lot of searches. In addition, attaining keywords that have low competition would be a greater choice as it will make your blog easier to rank.

4.) Link Baiting-

The idea behind creating link baits is stirring enough controversy through your post that you can produce strong emotional reactions by people in order for them to comment and link to your blog post. For example, if a hot new electronic product; like the iPad, just recently came out on the market and everyone is raving about it, you can explain why you don?t like it to your readers in a way that will give you strong emotional responses automatically.

In short, these are four ways that can be solid; if used appropriately, in bringing in more traffic and attaining a base of avid readers.
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Posted by bryansmith, Sun Sep-12-10 11:05 PM
Thanks for sharing the useful information about blogs
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Posted by Sage, Thu Sep-16-10 04:23 PM
Another idea is:
guest bloggers

Invite someone from another blog to write a guest article for your blog. Preferably someone with their own following.

Your web presence made easy.
501, RE: Tactics for Blog Traffic
Posted by InspiroHost, Thu Sep-16-10 10:33 AM
Thanks for the tips. Hosting your blog on a different domain from your primary site is one of the worst mistakes you can make. A blog on your domain can attract links, attention, publicity, trust and search rankings - by keeping the blog on a separate domain, you shoot yourself in the foot.

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505, RE: Tactics for Blog Traffic
Posted by spiceoflife1, Thu Sep-30-10 10:07 AM
These are all excellent suggestions. I know I have work to do after this, since I have blogs in a couple of different locations.

Thanks for the inforamtion!

Connie and David Spicer, Artists/Entrepreneurs
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Posted by uffekirkegaard, Mon Mar-21-11 10:46 AM

Also a tactic to get more traffic to your blog:

When you have written a new post, shoot a short video of yourself talking about your post topic - a kind of a short teaser (1-2 min).

Then post it on youtube, and put in two links in the videos description text. One directly to your post and one to your blogs homepage...

This way, you will drive some traffic from the video - BUT the search engines will easier find you because of the "backlinks" you now have created.

The more backlinks to your blog... The higher you will end up on the search engines, driving more traffic :o)

Kind regards
Uffe Kirkegaard - You are welcome to check out my own blog... or

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Posted by kindsvater, Sat Aug-27-11 08:24 AM
Simple tactical steps to get more attention for your blog:

1. Use a SEO plugin to help maximize your potential search engine optimization.

2. Ping your blog posts to various rss feeds so your post is distributed faster and wider across the net.

3. Tie your blog to Twitter and/or Facebook so you can post once but have your content distributed in multiple places.

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