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Topic subjectWhy you should build your own e-commerce website
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485, Why you should build your own e-commerce website
Posted by earningcents, Thu Jan-28-10 03:37 AM
Everyone is looking for web designers and web developers to build e-commerce shopping websites. But the problem is that if you have a "professional" build your website you are 100% dependant on them later.

If you are a business owner you know that the worst position you can be in is to have any of your employees controlling your business. Every business owner needs to be able to do every job at their business so that no single person can hold your business hostage.

But rather than learning a few things about web design they look to the web for a solution.

You built your business from the ground up, build your own website!

No one knows your business the way you do. No one has the passion and knowledge and understands the message and image you want to portray like you do. Don't be a copout, sit down and figure out what it takes to build a website.

With do it your self systems like and and others the process for building a website has been simplified. Anyone can point and click their way to a website that sells products in a very short period of time.

It is true it won't be the greatest design, it won't look like the movie premiere of Avatar but it will work and it will be uniquely you. It will be an extension of your business and not some designers idea of what your business should be.

I see businesses making over $100,000.00 a month on websites that are simple and quite unprofessional as most would see it. I don't know what is unprofessional about making more than a million dollars a year in sales.

I have to encourage people to at least try to do it yourself. Most business use accounting software, business software and other software to run their business. There is no difference between that and website building software to manage their website.

The types of products have changed greatly and most websites can be managed directly from any web browser and even from a cell phone.

Before you get stuck in a major project with a webmaster that holds all the strings to your website, explore the options out there and find out how simple running your own website really has become.
487, RE: Why you should build your own e-commerce website
Posted by PastorColars, Fri Feb-19-10 03:17 AM
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488, RE: Why you should build your own e-commerce website
Posted by gbowski, Tue Mar-09-10 01:30 PM
Also, there are plenty of stable web 2.0 form sites
to help ease the enormity of deveoplment time
involved with creating your own interactive site.
One suggestion would be to use remotely hosted self-calculating order forms to sell product & services online. A couple of examples and .
These forms calculate totals, tax & shipping with
each click of the mouse. . All product selections
are made on the same web page and submitted when the
shopping is complete.
492, RE: Why you should build your own e-commerce website
Posted by LynxSI, Thu May-06-10 07:54 PM
This is not entirely true. As a professional who has made his own eCommerce site I can say that for most people a professional website will save them tons of time and get better results.

As you mentioned, most storefronts these days can be administrated via a web based portal. So the entrepreneur can still administrate the site even if they use a professional to help get their site setup and working with payment gateway's, shipping carriers, fraud prevention, security, etc...