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448, RE: starting new business questions, DBA, state ?
Posted by Antherry, Fri May-22-09 04:48 PM
Your LLC consists of two things- 1. Articles of Organization and 2. an Operating Agreement. Your Operating agreement IS your partnership agreement. It is filed with the state. It OVERRIDES state law so draft it carefully. If something in your agreement is not addressed then state law takes precedence.

In our Operating Agreement we have it set up where we each pick an outside person to settle a dispute...if the outside people cannot agree then we flip a coin for who gets to make the decision.

Also, you can, and probably SHOULD do a DBA WITH your LLC... Your LLC is a separate entity... so we are ESC Companies dba Flippij . This is because we have several companies and brand names, each with their own DBA.

You do not have to hire an attorney now... but if they do write your Operating Agreement for you it would be easier for them to defend later. But they just use templates too for the most part.

What you need to do FOR SURE... if you get started and make some money then definitely hire an accountant... they are worth every penny.

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