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Topic subjectDVD software foruploading?
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433, DVD software foruploading?
Posted by PastorBrady, Fri Mar-20-09 07:51 AM

I have a 15 minute segment on a DVD from
"" that did with our
fishing business.

I would like to beable to load it into my PC
and then upload into our Web Sie:

Only problem is that my PC which I used from our local
hospital must have done some thing to the PC (I guess)
because my PC won't even try to play it; says I need
some sort of DVD DRiver.

Yet, I can load software for creating brochure, Cards, Business
items, etc. but not the fishing segment.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Our nearest town has a Best Buy Store, but for some reason their great of computer software is nearly gone and they don't plan on getting any in; only games and such.

Pastor Brady