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132, RE: I'm looking for internet programs to review?
Posted by ffrankk, Fri Feb-09-07 03:08 AM
Be wary. A healthy dose of skepticism is in order. Virtually all "Biz Ops" rely on recruiting and not product or service sale. Remember, you must sell something. The money does not rain from the sky. 99% of the programs, once your recruited then require you to buy a nonthly allotment of Tootpaste and soap (mellaluca, Amyway, etc.) or pills and potions. There is a failure rate in the 90% category. Check out Or

Real company, real product/service. Your and the company's success require gathering customers. Very real path to upper level management as well as multiple income streams. Remember, healthy skepticism, but due diligence in assessing the plan/company. I am looking for good people to get in on the bottom floor as well as customers. If interested: Take and hour and thoroughly go over the website. Call 603.387.6599 Frank Geis