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409, Website help
Posted by rublaken, Sun Jan-25-09 06:34 AM
I recently tried to build me a website but it didn't work out to well I need help. I wanted a site that sold different catalogs and also had a sales opportuniyt for reps to earn commissions on referrs to the site and on any sales they maded from the catalogs. I have never made a website before this is my first attemp.

I was told that this is the easies way with pagebuzz but look at my site and give me some feedback please I need all the help I can get.x(
412, RE: Website help
Posted by hostingdiva, Wed Jan-28-09 02:04 PM

I work with pageBuzz a lot. Have you called them for help? I think it's really important that you call them so they can walk you through whatever you need.

I find the system to be quite easy but I can certainly see how someone whose never built a website would could possibly have problems - at leas the first time :) Although, I have to say, for not knowing much, you've certainly got A LOT done so kudos to you!

They have their phone number posted all over their website. You should probably call :) They're very friendly so don't worry abou that! :7