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395, Free e-commerce website
Posted by earningcents, Mon Jan-05-09 02:15 AM
If anyone is interested is testing a new network and they are giving away free website hosting if you want to get on their beta system.

They sent e-mails out to all their customers but the offer is open to anyone untill January 15. Of couse they asked us if we knew anyone that would like a free website pass the word.

Sites have shopping, page building and full e-commerce and you get it for free for 3 months. You can keep it after that but what a great way to get started online.

I have a store with them and they are great. I figured I would pass along the word to everyone here.

Just go to and call the number on the site for the free offer. They do not have it advertised, but if you ask for it they will set you up instantly.