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Posted by hostingdiva, Sat Jan-31-09 05:52 AM
Hi Anne:

Looking at your website, it's not really clear what you do - are you offering consulting services?

Also, your site design could use some additional work. You should have a title space with your contact information at the top. A titlespace is best because it will appear at the top of every single page. You have pictures on the website but their value isn't clear. I understand that your a neurologist? So, I can see the value of some pictures, but they're awkwardly placed on the page. Why is there a link to USPS? At first I though this was the US Postal Service but it looks like it's another organization -- why?

Additionally, you have support areas -- all those areas should have their own dedicated page where you discuss those issues and you can offer.

Finally, in your publications. Did you leave the date of publication out for a reason? You really should have dates there so that people can see your experience is current. You should also consider linking those articles to the full thing just in case someone wants to read what you've published.

Best of luck!