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Posted by earningcents, Mon Jan-05-09 02:23 AM
There are many ways to make money with no investment. I was just posting that is offering a free website for 3 months on a new hosting network.

One thing they offer is a classified program that you can collect through paypal. You can sell classified ads and earn money every time an ad is placed.

It might be something you want to look into. With their free offer and paypal being free you could get started for nothing and just start advertising your site from your room.

The oweners told me they had one person earning over $10,000 a month on the classified program they offer and the person was still in highschool.

You can call them and ask about it, make sure you tell them you want the free site so you don't have to pay. The free offer ends January 15, so you have at least until then to think about it.