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Posted by ronald_f_valdez, Sun Dec-07-08 11:21 AM
I am a 22 year old law student.
I am very very busy...
Nonetheless, I see no reason why I cannot earn the extra cash.

I am planning to open an online business, since I have no time, capital and energy to open and maintain an actual store. All I have is my car and my room. Honestly, I really do not know much about selling things in the cyberspace, although I know that I need to know alot of things about PAYPAL, I am also worried about shipping and stuff. I am thinking that maybe I can sell stuff locally first.
I am also aware that I am not the first guy that would try selling things via net, so I am also worried about how can I get a slice of the market.

I need your help guys...

I hope you can send me your golden pieces of advice.

Thank you very much

RF Valdez