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Topic subjectAre my prices ok?? I need feedback please :)
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382, Are my prices ok?? I need feedback please :)
Posted by lilly4, Sat Nov-15-08 11:08 AM
I started this business in mid-September, and today for the first
time I had a table at a craft show, hoping to get some advertising
and bring in some sales. I am also hoping for orders for the
Many fliers and biz cards were taken.
I did ok in sales, but not like I hoped at all.

I know times are tough for nearly everyone right now.
It seems like everyone wanted prices to be next to nothing at
the show today.
It's a lot of work to prepare for this, and even though I can't
charge too much, I can't short change myself either - I need to
make a profit!

I've seen prices way under (not sure how that person makes ANY
money), and for much more than what I'm asking.

Please give me your opinion.

Thanks so much!

Here is my site: