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Posted by DanLaBate, Wed Jul-09-08 02:11 AM
Submission to search engines is a little over rated, all you need to do is just go to google, Yahoo, and MSN and submit your domain and you will be fine, those websites feed many smaller search engines and you only have to submit your top level page. I also recommend you to submit to local or regional directories like Yahoo local, Google local, etc.

You website seems to have a good amount of content for search engines to index, the design is nice looking so your users will be happy so your OK on that front.

Where you are going wrong is with Core SEO principles. Page titles, navigation, sitemap and your page naming conventions as well as the use of tables(this was ok in 1997 but not today).

What I don't get is it seems that the site is actually a WordPress Blog theme, using the latest WordPress release, so I don't understand the use of tables.

I would recommend that you consult with an SEO or knowledgeable developer, if you like we are available and are reasonably priced. All of your problems are able to be solved, the tables on the other hand will need a re-design or re-code of the site, and it may be more cost effective to use a free WordPress theme that has updated code.

If you don't understand feel free to call me and I will explain.


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