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Posted by juliarusso11, Tue Jul-08-08 10:13 AM
Okay, you have done the tough part already--making the move to opening a business online. Now it gets to be more tough parts (sorry) beginning with optimizing your site. You have no keywords! What exactly is the service about? I went to three pages trying to understand what you do. Sometimes more words only make people click away.
How about spending more time on your site before stepping up to getting traffic that won't be impressed enough to make any action. You have 8 seconds--really--to wow them and get their interest. Time is not something a visitor will give without reward.
Why not try something visual such as a step by step demonstration of how your service works. The visitor will want to know WIIFM--what's in it for me? Have a video spokesperson!
But your question was about site submissions. Really, just do a Google search for "website submission" and you will get dozens. Don't pay anyone to do it and you don't have to submit more than once. You can if you want but your time is better spent on other tactics.
And figure out what keywords it would take to get people to look for you.
Hope this helps,