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346, Tips on how to optimize my site
Posted by NoOrdinaryThing, Sat Jun-28-08 08:52 AM
I have been working diligently on getting my website up. I finally have gotten to the point where it is live. Now my next step is figuring out how to make it SEO ready, and other ways to market it. I would love any input on the site itself (I realize it needs quite a bit of work), what is good (if anything!), and what is bad. I know there are some issues, such as currently my URL is redirected, which I just found out effects my SEO submission. I have very little knowledge of the ins and outs of these things and have had quite a difficult time with the company I hired to design my site. Any suggestions concerning my html code, keywords etc. are welcomed, as I plan to take that back to my tech support to fix.

Also what should my steps be in the next coming weeks to get some traffic? My budget is exhausted, so any free ideas would be awesome. Exactly how to I plan a marketing campaign (getting links, submitting articals etc.) I know this is a lot. ANY help would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance.