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332, Faith-Based?
Posted by louietune, Sat May-17-08 04:39 PM
Do any of you have a faith-based business? Have you ran into any "discrimination" because of it yet? Or found you didn't quite fit into the "norm" of things? If so, I would LOVE to hear from you so we can swap strategies.


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333, RE: Faith-Based?
Posted by biministan, Sun May-18-08 01:21 PM
We are are on a mission to show true Christianity in our salon. People can't get enough of what we do and they don't know what it is. Our tanning members drop in and don't even tan. They just get to see an example of a strong, Christian marriage, loving Christian friendship, subtle Christian education, until they figure out why we are different. We are the opposite of bible thumping.. we are more like Jesus' ministering, kind, gentle, loving.... We are always offering to "pray for you... or your sister or kids ...." If a member doesn't show up for a while, we call them and tell them we miss them. I always hear that their Grandmother passed away and am given an opportunity to speak about heaven and ask if she was a Christian. Doors open. I am always being asked where we go to church and am always inviting someone to come and join us on our pew. Our faithbased business is just that, built on FAITH. I had to trust that God would take care of us and He more than has. We work less days per week and hours per day than the last owner and make more money, go figure. Whatever you do, do it 100%. Don't be a kinda of Christian company. Be 100% committed so that you don't give the wrong immage. }( Be Blessed!
335, RE: Faith-Based???
Posted by louietune, Mon May-19-08 11:12 AM
What a wonderful Testimony! I would love to hear more!

Anyone else have a testimony to share?

336, RE: Faith-Based???
Posted by salted, Mon Jun-02-08 09:45 AM
I too, would love to hear how others have ministered through their business. We are also a Christian company (it's my husband and myself). We had a heart for other Christian businesses and churches that need our services. Since our niche is small with almost all our customers being churches or small Christian businesses, we probably don't get as much business as our fellow designers, but we know that we are blessing others and getting blessed ourselves through our business. It's definitely been a time of trusting God to bring in the next client, but we are so glad for the place He has us in.
337, RE: Faith-Based??
Posted by louietune, Mon Jun-02-08 11:23 AM
Isn't it wonderful to know that at the end of the day, God has been first and formost on your agenda? I just love that. So much of the time we get busy in our jobs and in our lives and don't give God the amount of time we should, but with a faith-based business... you can have it all!

Right now I am getting the bias or even prejudice treatment one can get in what I do. So far I am using it to advance my business... and in my testimony... so it works out to the good.

God is ALWAYS in control!

It was SO nice to hear from you!

Lamb Hugs,

363, RE: Faith-Based?
Posted by hostingdiva, Sun Jul-20-08 06:37 AM
If you're looking for more faith based testimonials you may want to check out - it's a site dedicated to Christian Work at Home Moms.

Good luck!

364, RE: Faith-Based?
Posted by salted, Sun Jul-20-08 02:00 PM
Thanks for posting that! I just signed up tonight :-)