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320, RE: Importing from China, what do i need to know ?
Posted by hostingdiva, Fri Mar-21-08 04:19 AM
Hi IRen-

Make sure you check out the importer first. You should talk to their other clients to make sure they are reputable. Also, given all the scandals with imports from China, you may want to have the items inspected here in the US to make sure that you're getting good quality items.

Regarding the importing process - do you mean what certificates and stuff you need to get? There's actually a whole bunch of stuff you need to do but generally, the shipping company will take care of much of that for you (depending on who you use of course) so you'll want to ask them to see what they will and will not take care of for you.

You will also want to consult with the US Customs and Border Protection Office as they oversee importing goods into the US. Specifically, you will want to read their "Importing Goods into the United States" guide. Here is a link to the page:

Good luck!