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Posted by Marketing Girl, Tue Jan-08-08 07:37 AM

My boss wants me to start a blog to increase business and/or drive traffic to our company's website.

I have never even blogged personally let alone for business.

Any ideas/tips?
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Posted by bizdev, Thu Feb-21-08 05:24 PM
I just added a blog to my website (I'm a little late to the world of blogging) and it is so easy I can't believe I waited this long! I love it because I can add new content daily if I want to. It's great for keeping up with new information and for allowing readers to comment and provide instant feedback.

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Posted by Boomer57, Tue Apr-22-08 04:39 AM

I visited your site and it looks like your blog is up and running.

I left a comment on your blog post about developing the desire to change.

One measurement of a blog's success is the amount of interaction it generates. The quote that you posted about being motivated to change was thought provoking, so it prompted me to respond.

My opinion is that it's great that you took the plunge and got a blog started (without waiting for conditions to be perfect, in which case you'd be waiting forever) --BUT I think it dilutes the effect of the blog (and reduces the potential response you'll get) by putting it under the dual heading of 'Blog AND News', rather than devoting a special section to it.

If you have a decent sized mailing list, I'd predict that an invitation to participate in your blog would trigger some online discussion -- especially if you mentioned some compelling topics. OBSERVATION: Your link for having people sign up for your mailing list is very INconspicuous. Perhaps more importantly, you don't give any incentives to sign up, such as receiving weekly motivational tips or business management strategies. Your typical businessperson is so inundated with email that they're probably reluctant to sign up for more, unless there are some specific benefits attached to it.

Hope that helps!

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Posted by salted, Tue Apr-22-08 09:37 AM
I also went to your site to check out the blog. I clicked on the blog link and the most recent two posts seemed more appropriate in the news category than the blog category. Especially the most recent one titled "See Steve Speak in Erie". I'm not a consistent business blog reader, though, so maybe that's the way businesses normally blog.

I'm consistently interested in how important it seems it is to have a blog these days. I have only begun to design one for my site, but am amazed at how highly they come recommended.