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Posted by justsomeone, Fri Jan-04-08 12:26 AM
Experience is the only teacher for SEO. You need to have been doing it for a while, and you need to be doing it often, as it's always changing.

You also need to have a deep understanding of and contribution to the design, development and marketing of the website.

There were plenty of cowboys who started out offering SEO "tricks" like gateway pages, cloaking, hidden text, board spamming and all sorts of things. These operators ultimately hurt their businesses, as the search engines reacted to them.

The better search engines use complicated and secret algorithms to determine popularity. It's no longer just about how often a word or phrase appears in your text or what meta tags you have. These are important, but not everything.

So far, I've been very successful at the SEO work I have done, but the more competitive the industry you're representing and the more crowded the field, the more work it takes to get to the top and stay there. I always tell my clients that while I have a good record of getting top 3 rankings, with a lot of number 1's, I can't guarantee it - any more than a successful sports manager can guarantee to win the league every year.